Exclusion Zones For Queen’s Baton Relay This Wednesday

It's Bendigo's turn!

Exclusion Zones For Queen’s Baton Relay This Wednesday

Leading up to the Queen's Baton Relay arriving in Bendigo this Wednesday February 14, an exclusion zone will be established, including road closures and bus service changes.

Commuters are urged to seek alternative options to work, such as riding, walking or taking public transport. 

If you're interested in following the route of the Queen's Baton Relay Bearers this Wednesday, here's a map with all the details:

The Baton Relay will be officially welcomed at Rosalind Park Piazza at 9am.

Clay target shooting champion, Glenn Woodhatch, will carry the baton in Bendigo, as well as:

Ellyse Roper, Edward Barkla, Andrew Barling, Joel Bertoncini, Russell Jack, Martin Mark, Denis Nihill, Dennis O’Hoy, Bradley Orton, Arj Perera, Laurie Preston, Nathan Rogers, Colin Thompson, Kaye Trimble, Leslie Trimble, Lyn Walker and Gary Warnest.


There will be road closures and bus service changes for most of the morning on February 14.

The baton's 388-day journey will come to an end at the opening ceremony of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games on April 4.