East Bendigo Chemical Spill Closes Roads

Please avoid the area

East Bendigo Chemical Spill Closes Roads Peter Lenaghan Twitter - @peterlenaghan

There's been a chemical spill in East Bendigo this morning which has seen Strickland Road and Murphy Street closed to traffic for almost 5 hours.

Emergency services were called to the scene around 7.15 after a container fell off a truck heading to a nearby industrial business spilling 700 litres of the corrosive chemical across 150 metres

There's currently no threat to the community and the chemical was contained before it spilled into the drains.

People in the area are being advised to close their windows and turn off their air-conditioning while people driving in the area are being urged to do the same.

The detours are expected to be lifted shortly once the chemical which has been soaked up by sand is collected by the Environment Protection Authority and the shipping container is removed.