Zoos SA's Bid To Keep Wang Wang And Fu Ni

South Aussies say yes!

Zoos SA's Bid To Keep Wang Wang And Fu Ni Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo wants to keep Wang Wang and Fu Ni for a bit longer yet.

A 10 year deal with the China Wildlife Conservation Association expires in November next year but they'd like the pandas long term.

Zoos SA will need Federal Government funding to continue at the cost of $1 million per year. 

They hope to have a successful pregnancy when the limited mating window opens again despite failed breeding and Artificial Insemination attempts.

Fu Ni has experienced some pseudo pregnancies over the past couple of years but nothing real yet.

The only Giant Pandas in the Southern Hemisphere, Wang Wang and Fu Ni have been here since 2009 and were meant to be residents for just 10 years.

They're part of International research and conservation and breeding programs, aimed at preserving the endangered species.