Your Car Will Be Towed If You Park Here

And you'll be billed!

Your Car Will Be Towed If You Park Here

A reminder not to park in clearways, bus or bike lanes.

Under proposed new laws being looked at by the State Government, tow-truck drivers will be able to pick up your car and move it to a nearby side street.

The $180 towing fee would be added to the $257 fine for parking illegally, setting offenders back a total of $437.

Around 40 drivers are blocking lanes every day.

The Operation Moving Traffic initiative is aimed at improving traffic flow and reducing bottle necks in rush hour.

It's based on a similar way New South Wales deal with illegal parking.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan says 'clearways, bus lanes and bike lanes are critical for keeping traffic moving on our arterial road network, especially during peak periods'.

'These new laws will provide another tool for the State Government to remove obstacles which can cause major delays on our road networks' he said.