Two Young Children Found Living In ‘Horror’ House In Adelaide’s North East

"It was like a sea of garbage"

Two young sisters were uncovered living in squalid conditions, surrounded by piles of rubbish and dirties nappies, in Adelaide’s North East late last week.

Neighbours claim they had been trying to contact authorities to step in for years, however, no action was ever taken.

It wasn’t until neighbour Michael Topley and his partner Kristy-Lee Dixon headed to visit the girls’ mother after he had called her regarding some money she owed him.

When she didn’t seem to be making sense on the phone, Michael and Kristy went to her house and uncovered the horrible conditions the children were living in.

“It was like a sea of garbage. Like it had obviously been going on for quite some time, you know, to get to where it was at," Michael told 7 News.

"The kids are too little… [they] had that grey tinge to their skin and there was no brightness in them at all.”


Michael believes the children’s mother was on drugs when they arrived and was slipping in and out of consciousness.

Detectives, the Department for Child Protection and local Council investigated last week and removed the kids, both aged under 10.

The 32-year old mother has been reported for failing to provide and is due to face court.

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