The Top Wedding Trends For Adelaide Couples In 2018!

Which trends are you loving?

The Top Wedding Trends For Adelaide Couples In 2018!

It seemed like this summer we heard about more couples deciding to tie the knot than usual. Seriously, did everyone get engaged at the same time?

With weddings on the mind, we reached out to wedding and event planner Alice O’Loughlin from Adelaide’s Alice Mary Events to hear what she had to say about what we can expect to see in 2018!

Where are couples getting married?

If you’re a regular on Pinterest or even just by looking through your Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a heap of wedding pictures coming through with ceremonies in nice houses or in a garden scenery rather than beaches or fancy yacht clubs. 

Even though winery weddings are still super popular (this IS SA after all), Alice says the beautiful house trend is certainly on the rise this year, with couples opting for venues which host both the ceremony and reception.  

“I find that brides and grooms these days are often trying to find a really nice house or garden venue.

“They tend to like venues that have onsite accommodation and are often travelling out of Adelaide to southern locations like McLaren Vale, Victor Harbor/Port Elliot, Currency Creek, etc and northern locations in and around the Barossa Valley.”


Eucalypt & Native flowers are taking over the bouquet

Australia has some of the most beautiful flora in the world, so why would we skip out on including them in the wedding?!  

In 2018, expect brides to feature more foliage in their bouquets, which will be less structured and natural with “brides also opting for more colour in their flowers these days, which is great!” 



Table decorations and aesthetically pleasing stationary

The eucalypt trend hasn’t stopped at just the bouquet, but has extended out into decorations as well, with table garlands also popping up alongside the trend of “tall pillar candles in varying sizes or even taper candles in tall holders.” 

Couples are also putting a lot more thought into their stationary with menus, place cards, and table numbers all looking super chic and Instagrammable. 


Which traditions are we ditching?

You may have seen capes and headpieces replacing veils and all sorts of twists on traditions, but a few more normalities are being given the flick.  

“Another tradition that I’ve seen changed is the cake cutting,” Alice shared. “I had a couple recently who did a champagne tower pour in place of ‘cutting the cake’.” - Um, can we please go to this wedding? 

Even the bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t have to equal out anymore, “It’s not uncommon these days to have differing numbers of bridesmaids to groomsmen, i.e. there might be 3x bridesmaids with 4x groomsmen.”


Friday and Sunday weddings are on the rise 

We all know booking a wedding on a Saturday is a real struggle, so couples are just opting out of the popular day altogether, with Fridays and Sundays beginning to rise. 

The same can’t be said for seasons, though.  

“The spring and summer months are still the most popular times of year for couples to get married. There are far fewer couples getting married in the winter months,” Alice confirmed before adding that she does “occasionally get the odd couple booking a date between May and August.” 

Keep the guest list down and think about what you really want to spend cash on

“The easiest way to save money on a wedding is to keep the guest list down. You’re paying per head and your biggest cost will always be food and beverages, so the more people you invite the quicker the costs are going to add up. 

“Secondly, brides and grooms need to decide what is important to them and spend their money on those things. If there are some items they are not fussed about, for example, having flashy wedding cars, then they can save money by going with a cheap alternative and using their own cars or borrowing a friend’s car." 

We also asked Alice about all those stories we hear about how we should be spending at least one month’s annual salary on the engagement ring.

“This is a myth”, she assured.

“I believe that you should only spend what you’re comfortable spending in order to get a ring that your partner will love. If you earn a large annual salary that doesn’t mean you’re obliged to spend a huge amount of money on a ring.

"It really depends on who you are marrying and what they like. The bride may have a really understated style/attitude and not want a big, flashy ring."

The set menu is out and shared meals are in!

Another one of those flicks to tradition, couples are ditching the set menu of alternating chicken and fish dishes and are instead steering towards a more shared dining experience like a big family around the table.  

“The trend is to have shared platters of food for main course rather than the traditional alternate drop main course. 

“When couples choose to have a shared main course they usually pair this with a roaming canapé entrée or a grazing table at the pre-dinner drinks site, before the guests are seated for dinner, i.e. in place of a plated entree.”


Are you loving any of these trends? Which is your favourite? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

Would you go to a booze-free wedding? 

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