Students Racking Up Millions Of Dollars Of Uni Debt

You Won't Believe What 10 Students Owe

Students Racking Up Millions Of Dollars Of Uni Debt Eynesbury

South Aussie students are racking up huge Uni debts.

Taxpayers are owed more than $600 million and $2 million of that comes from just 10 students.

One of those is up for almost $225,000 alone.

That's the equivalent of about eight 4 year Nursing or Teaching degrees.

Across the nation, taxpayers are owed about $50 billion from student debts.

The Government has written off about a quarter of that saying it won't be repaid.

Yesterday, Parliament debated Higher Education reforms that could see the cost of University increase, debts needing to be paid back sooner and Unis facing funding cuts of 2.5% for two years.

Currently the wage threshold that students need to reach in order to start paying back their HECS debt is $55,874 at a rate of 4%.

The proposed threshold is $42,000 at a rate of 1% and then up to 10% if their income reaches $119,882.

Labor and the Greens currently oppose the plan.