South Australians Could Receive Paid Family Violence Leave

SA Labor makes election promise

South Australians Could Receive Paid Family Violence Leave Image: Pexels

South Australian workers could receive up to 10 days of annual paid family violence leave if Premier Jay Weatherill’s Labor government is re-elected.

Introduced under the proposed domestic violence portfolio, Premier Weatherill said the leave would protect women against discrimination, and would become a new minimum employment standard, AAP reports.

"By providing 10 days of family violence leave, we can ensure women can safely move house, attend court dates and seek legal advice without fear of losing their job," he said.

Labor has also promised to expand the state’s Domestic Violence Crisis Line to a 24/7 service and increase penalties for offenders who don’t finish court-ordered rehabilitation programs.


It comes as the South Australian Liberal government today unveiled a suite of measures to combat domestic and family violence, following yesterday’s announcement of a $9 million investment to increase crisis accommodation.

“The scourge of domestic violence must be stopped, and that’s why a Marshall Liberal Government will implement a series of prevention and early intervention initiatives to protect women and children,” Shadow Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said in a statement.

“Increasing crisis accommodation for victims of domestic violence in South Australia is critical, and that’s why we’ve already announced we will invest $1.5 million for a new 20-room facility in southern Adelaide and $2.5 million for two 10-room facilities in the regions.

“Along with these new facilities, it’s important to invest in prevention and early intervention, and so a Marshall Liberal Government will implement a number of other important domestic violence initiatives.”