Push To Make 30 Mins Exercise Compulsory In Schools

Are we too hung up on STEM subjects?

Push To Make 30 Mins Exercise Compulsory In Schools St Michaels

Another push to kick obesity in young people.

Australia's peak Health and Physical Education body - based in Adelaide - wants to make 30 mins of daily physical education compulsory in schools.

The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation will lobby Governments across the country to offer the 30 mins daily as a minimum.

At the moment, the Australian curriculum states that students should have the opportunity for exercise once a week, while SA guidelines suggest 2 hours a week.

Neither are mandated though.

It seems that schools are focusing on trying to excel in subjects like Science and Maths instead of trying to succeed in Phys Ed.

What does your school offer and what would you like to see made compulsory in SA schools?

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