One In A Million: SA Nurse Killed In London Terror Attack

Went the extra mile for her patients

One In A Million: SA Nurse Killed In London Terror Attack

The Riverland town of Loxton is mourning the loss of one of its own this morning after it was confirmed an SA nurse was killed in the London terror attack.

28 year old Kirsty Boden apparently ran into danger to help victims on London Bridge that night, only to be struck down by the men herself.

She was working as a theatre recovery nurse at Guy's Hospital in Central London, just 300m from the site of the attack.

Kirsty's family says she was a free spirit who dreamed of travelling to as many 'exotic locations as possible'.

A recent post on her travel blog had this - 'at risk of sounding cliche, life is short and we should all use the time we have wisely'.

'I have big travel dreams but I am realistic. I recognise that I might not go everywhere but I should definitely go everywhere I can, and so should you'.

Kirsty went to school at Loxton High and Immanuel College before graduating in nursing from Flinders Uni in 2010.

Her former teacher, Jane Garrard said 'her parents can rightly be very proud of her'.

'It doesn't surprise me that if there was a situation where someone was in need that she wouldn't jump in and do that at her own expense'.

She was a champion swimmer who loved spending time at the beach.

Kirsty wrote 'I'm just your average dreamer, with a full-time job and a constant longing to go where I haven't been'.

'Just because you are time-poor like me, doesn't mean that you should be missing out on these wonderful benefits'.

The chief nurse at Guy's Hospital says staff described Kirsty as 'one in a million'.

'I cannot put into words how sad I am that we have lost one of our own' Dame Eileen Sills said.

'Kirsty always went the extra mile for patients in her care'.