More Food Trucks On Adelaide Streets

Entrepreneurs Get Your Ideas To Council

More Food Trucks On Adelaide Streets

A win for Adelaide food truck owners.

The State Government's passed reforms to cut red tape and limit the maximum cost of a yearly permit to $2,000.

They'll also mean councils will not be able to restrict the type of food being sold.

Two discussion papers have been released since 2015 in response to vendors facing difficulties as a result of varying regulations.

One of the measures was to amend the Local Government Act 1999 to reduce red tape and create a consistent regulatory system for food trucks across South Australia - this has now passed!

North Terrace will continue to work with the Local Government Association on improving the system.

Assistant Treasurer Chris Picton says 'food trucks have allowed entrepreneurs to start new businesses, added energy to our communities and broadened the range of food options available'.

'While some have been hugely successful and gone on to set-up their own fixed restaurants, many have found themselves tied-up in red tape' he said.

Councils have time to consider the best locations for food trucks in their area while minimising disruption to other food businesses.

'This reform follows other recent State Government measures to support small food businesses in South Australia, such as the removal of commercial stamp duty, the reduction in WorkCover levy, reductions in payroll tax and introduction of the Job Accelerator Grants.

Entrepreneurs with an idea should contact their local council.