More Bikies In SA Prisons Than On Our Streets

New Laws Deter Wannabe Gang Members

More Bikies In SA Prisons Than On Our Streets

Our prisons are full.. full of bikies.

It's been revealed more than 60% of SA's outlaw gang members are now behind bars.

New anti-gang laws have helped put 156 members in jail, that's 66 more than five years ago.

The State Government also says they've helped deter wannabe gang members.

Police Minister Pete Malinauskas says 'the first order of business is making sure we get organised crime off our streets and behind bars'.

'That always has good benefits like reducing violent crime but also importantly disrupting organised crime in and around the manufacturing and supply of drugs', he said.

The latest Correctional Services figures show that their sentences range from a few months for assault to 15 years for drug trafficking.

While one guy's serving time for manslaughter.

'The laws that came into affect a couple of years ago have really helped police when it comes to reducing the number of outlaw motorcycle gangs active in our community'.

'We've seen those numbers drop from 308 to 239 in the last two years alone and we've seen one outlaw motorcycle gang - the Nomads close altogether'.