Monarto Zoo Has Welcomed A Baby Giraffe! 


Monarto Zoo Has Welcomed A Baby Giraffe!  7 News

After so many sad headlines in the news recently, we’re so happy to hear something cute and exciting for once. 

Monarto Zoo has today announced the birth of yet another adorable giraffe calf; a baby boy!

The yet-to-be-named giraffe is the first baby to mama Korongo and was born on Saturday the 9th.  

“The little one has been busy getting to know the other giraffes in the herd, especially the two other youngsters who are very keen to play,” says giraffe keeper Vaughan Wilson

“The older giraffes are fascinated with the new arrival as well. There has been a lot of sniffing going on and they are watching the young one very closely.

“Of course doting mum, Korongo, is always looking on to make sure her baby is safe and happy.”



The calf is the third Monarto Zoo giraffe to be born in 2017, with another giraffe due to give birth in the coming weeks! 

“Our giraffes have an important role to play in helping us raise awareness for the plight of their wild cousins, and will one day hopefully become part of our breeding program and have calves of their own.”

We’re definitely adding a trip to Monarto to the summer to-do list!