MFS And CFS Crews Head To Queensland To Help Battle Fires

Brisbane Fire Danger Rating Severe

MFS And CFS Crews Head To Queensland To Help Battle Fires

60 firefighters, Incident Management staff and Commanders will fly out to Queensland this afternoon to help with wildfires burning across the State.

They'll join 250 firies from Australia and New Zealand in efforts to contain eight significant blazes and up to 80 smaller ones.

South Aussies to answer the call from QLD officials include staff from the CFS, MFS and the Department for Water and Environment.

Unprecedented bushfire behaviour's being reported along with record temps and heatwaves near Bundaberg, Gladstone and Mackay

Authorities are expecting an out-of-control bushfire in Central QLD to break containment lines today and are pleading with locals around Rules Beach and Deepwater who've refused to evacuate to leave now. 

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Craig Crawford says "there's only about a 60 to 90 minute window of opportunity left, after that emergency crew themselves will be evacuating".

The Sunshine State isn't out of the woods yet with a number of fires expected to grow rapidly over the next few days.

While Brisbane's Fire Danger Rating's been upped to severe as they head for a top of 35C, strong winds could whip up a dust storm this afternoon too.