Free Swimming Lessons For Kids Under 5 From Tomorrow

Learn2Swim week

Free Swimming Lessons For Kids Under 5 From Tomorrow

Every child under the age of five can learn to swim for free from tomorrow. 

Up to a week of lessons is being offered from October 2-9 at more than 300 pools across Australia, 20 in South Australia.

It's all part of the upcoming Poolwerx Learn2Swim week.

"Let's give every child in Australia and New Zealand aged under five the chance to learn to swim this season and remind everyone about the importance of water safety." - Poolwerx

Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children under five so it's hoped the special event will lead to more children learning the vital skills of how to swim and ultimately help reduce drowning statistics.

Ambassador Laurie Lawrence says regular training can turn frightened children into floaters and kickers and bubs as young as four months should be getting familiar with the water.

"Parents are time poor, they're also financially challenged.. many can afford one swimming lesson a week." he said.  

"One swimming lesson a week is fantastic but it's like watching grass grow, you need to get the child to the pool the practice."

To check if there are any spots left at your local pool head to