Fog Blanketing SA Making Conditions Dangerous

Put Your Headlights On

Fog Blanketing SA Making Conditions Dangerous

It's been seriously foggy out on Adelaide streets this morning

A road safety warning's been issued with reduced visibility making conditions on the road very dangerous.


Road Safety Minister Peter Malinauskas says it's very unusual conditions for Adelaide, the fog is really thick.

'We're encouraging motorists to slow down and also put your lights on which can really help the likelihood of a terrible accident occurring' he said. 

SAPOL also advises drivers to leave a safe distance from the car in front and to slow down.

Conditions are also causing problems at Adelaide Airport where two flights coming into land have been diverted and three more faced delays. 

It's best to check with your airline if you're travelling today.

While work sites across the State have been left in a rough state following days of wild weather.

(image: Josh O'Connell)

The fog blanketing the City to the Hills is expected to hang around until later today.