Could your son be the next Storm Boy?

They want a boy from SA

Could your son be the next Storm Boy?

The iconic Aussie movie is being remade and shot here in South Australia, and they’re casting right now for the role of Storm Boy, hoping to find someone local.

Acting experience isn’t a must, with a local connection considered an important part of the role, as well as loving nature.

Casting Director, Angela Heesom, says while they will be looking right across the country, they’re hoping to find a boy right here.

“Because it’s such an iconic local story, it would be great if we could find a South Australian boy to play him, it’s a very patriotic way of casting in many ways,” she said.

“Much of the film relies on finding the right boy, so we’re searching across the entire state for him.”

Originally written by South Australian author Colin Thiele back in 1963, the story shot to notoriety with the 1976 film, starring Greg Rowe, a 10-year-old Adelaide boy with little acting experience.

Ms Heesom says while a country boy would be ideal, someone with a love of nature and the outdoors would still fit the role well.

“All those innate qualities in this young boy will come through in the performance if you can find them within the boy himself rather than having to teach him those characteristics,” she said.

“The response has been incredible, most young boys 10 or 11 probably don’t think about acting, but I’m quite heartened by how many boys that age you mention Storm Boy, and they want to be Storm Boy.”

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