Cab Drivers Kick Off Over Uber At Adelaide Airport Today

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Cab Drivers Kick Off Over Uber At Adelaide Airport Today

As of yesterday, ride-sharing services are allowed to pick-up customers as part of a range of ground transport improvements.

To make way for the change, Adelaide Airport has constructed a new pick-up spot close to the terminal.

Adelaide cab drivers were quick to react to the news, this morning seeing them boycott services at the facility and protesting from 7am 

The boycott reportedly caused Uber to shut down their newly opened pick-up bay after the company reporting a complete taxi blockage and 'threats' made against Uber drivers. 

Adelaide Airport released a series of tweets detailing the disruption and suggested alternate modes of transport with Uber AND cabs down. 


Amos, Cat & Angus spoke to both taxi and Uber driver's this morning, and a a local who was caught up in the airport strike.

Cat said she wasn't convinced it would work, detailing she doesn’t want to 'mess around' looking for someone’s car when she gets off a plane. 

Amos wants to see the market opened up and encourages the competition and driven down prices.

Hear the full chat below: 

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