Blackout At New Royal Adelaide

Patients on the operating table

Blackout At New Royal Adelaide

Doctors are furious after the power went out at the Royal Adelaide Hospital yesterday.

A number of patients were on operating tables when the monthly maintenance test was carried out on the generator, causing a blackout for around 10 minutes.

One surgery being carried out at the time was done by SA's AMA boss William Tam.

Luckily, no one was harmed when supplies went down at 11am.

Health Minister Pete Malinauskas says "that's less than ideal but this is exactly why we conduct these tests in the first place, to ensure that we learn from any issues to make sure they don't happen again in the future". 

The AMA wants SA Health to address the power issue as a matter of 'extreme urgency'.

It comes as patients wanting to see eye specialists at the RAH are being forced to wait up to 13 years for an appointment.

Around 300 people have been on the list for 5 years or more, 13 for over a decade.

A state-wide eye hospital was promised back in February 2015, then scrapped 8 months later.