Attention All Dog Lovers Across Adelaide

In Need Of Foster Parents

Attention All Dog Lovers Across Adelaide

Are you toying with the idea of getting a dog but wish you could have one on a trial basis?

Well have you ever thought about fostering a greyhound?

They've been called the most gentle, well mannered, loving pet there is!

Greyhound Adoption Program SA (GAP SA) is on the lookout for dog lovers all over Adelaide to help retired greyhounds find their forever home.

What's the commitment?

Each greyhound needs to complete 6 weeks in foster care to help acclimatize them to life as a domestic pet.

In most cases, 20-30 minutes of walking 2-3 days a week

Do I need a big backyard?

No large backyard is needed, in fact no backyard is needed as long as they are taken out for toileting and walks. 

What if I have children or another dog?

Children and other pets are fine as we can match dogs with every home situation.

What if I work?

Not at home during the day? No worries! Most adoptive homes have people that aren’t home for periods during the day.

And the good news?

You can foster as often or as little as you like!

GAP SA will provide:

  • All vet care including worming and flea treatment
  • All dry food for the duration of their visit with you
  • Collars, leads, muzzles, jackets
  • 24/7 support
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses and other incidentals
  • And as a special thank you to those new to the foster care family, a Dinner Voucher for 2 to Chasers Restaurant

All you're up for is a small amount of wet food.

For more information or to complete a foster care form, visit