Attention Adelaide: You Can Turn 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into 53 Days Off

Go on more trips this year!

Attention Adelaide: You Can Turn 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into 53 Days Off

This year you are going to make the most of your annual leave.

The geniuses over at Finder have done the calculations and worked out which days you should take off to maximise your annual leave in 2017.

They’ve taken into account all South Australian public holidays plus weekends to help you plan more getaways this year.

If you’re thinking of going on a trip overseas, April would be the month to do it thanks to the Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays.

For those in casual jobs, the way to make this work for you is to plan your days off around public holidays. It’s not quite the same, but you might be able to use it to your advantage. 

Take off the following days in italics as annual leave:


Sunday 1 January (New Year’s Day)

Monday 2 January (Public Holiday - Day in Lieu for New Year's Day)

Tuesday 3 January

Total run: 3 days

Saturday 21 January

Sunday 22 January

Monday 23 January

Tuesday 24 January

Wednesday 25 January

Thursday 26 January (Public Holiday - Australia Day)

Friday 27 January

Saturday 28 January

Sunday 29 January

Total run: 9 days


Saturday 11 March

Sunday 12 March

Monday 13 March (Public Holiday - March)

Total run: 3 days


Saturday 8 April

Sunday 9 April

Monday 10 April

Tuesday 11 April

Wednesday 12 April

Thursday 13 April

Friday 14 April (Public Holiday - Good Friday)

Saturday 15 April

Sunday 16 April

Monday 17 April (Public Holiday - Easter Monday)

Tuesday 18 April

Wednesday 19 April

Thursday 20 April

Friday 21 April

Saturday 22 April

Sunday 23 April

Monday 24 April

Tuesday 25 April (ANZAC Day)

Wednesday 26 April

Thursday 27 April

Friday 28 April

Saturday 29 April

Sunday 30 April

Total run: 23 days


Saturday 10 June

Sunday 11 June

Monday 12 June (Public Holiday - Queen’s Birthday)

Total run: 3 days

September & October:

Saturday 30 September

Sunday 1 October

Monday 2 October (Public Holiday - Labour Day)

Total run: 3 days


Saturday 23 December

Sunday 24 December

Monday 25 December (Christmas Day)

Tuesday 26 December (Boxing Day)

Wednesday 27 December

Thursday 28 December

Friday 29 December

Saturday 30 December

Sunday 31 December

Total run: 9 days