Adelaide Suburban Shopping Centres Will Open On Boxing Day

"We'll see how this one works."

Adelaide Suburban Shopping Centres Will Open On Boxing Day

Despite the Upper House voting against deregulated shop trading hours last month, suburban shops will be opening their doors this Boxing Day. 

Treasurer Rob Lucas has passed a special exception bill which will allow the shops to trade between 9am and 5pm on December 26.

Shops in the CBD will now be allowed to trade from 9am, as well, previously only trading from 11am.

"I have to operate within the existing power; we'll see how this one works, whether it's popular, whether there's the community demand, whether consumers support it, whether the traders support it and then we can make judgements as we go on from here," Mr Lucas said.

"We indicated when the shop trading regulation bill was defeated in the Parliament last week, that wasn't the end of the discussion.”

The changes mean shoppers can visit their local shopping centres around Adelaide rather than crowding the CBD.

"There's massive support in the community from families for greater freedom of choice for shop trading hours, particularly on Boxing Day.

"Instead of a massive crush of people in one particular location with only the traders in that particular area being favoured, people will be able to shop in their suburban shopping centres."

However, Opposition spokesperson Chris Picton says that despite laws stating no one can be forced to work a public holiday, retail workers will feel pressure to work.

"We think workers would undoubtedly feel some pressure and coercion [to work] and I don't think the Government's announced any way that they're going to stop that from happening.

"And small businesses, even if they don't want to trade, will be forced to — otherwise they're going to lose a significant amount of income.

"What the Government's proposing is that if you're a baker, a butcher or a greengrocer then you're going to have to work flat out before Christmas but you're not going to get any break after Christmas as well.”

Where do you stand?

Will you be happy to see suburban shops open on Boxing Day or do you think it’s wrong?

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