Adelaide Is The Hottest City In Australia Today

Where else would you rather be!?

Adelaide Is The Hottest City In Australia Today

If you're feeling the heat in Adelaide today, this is why.

The City of Churches is the hottest city in the country today, reaching our expected top temperature of 36 degrees early this afternoon.

In comparison, Melbourne is enjoying a warm 31, while Perth (28), Brisbane (26), Hobart (27) and Canberra (24) are all copping relatively mild Spring days, with only Darwin (33) anywhere near Adelaide in terms of temperature.

Poor old Sydney is shivering through a 23 degree today.


We've been copping some ripper weather as of late, with a top of 33 on Friday, 31 on Saturday and 26 yesterday, and it looks set to continue tomorrow with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a top of 33.

Make the most of it though, with the weather set to dip to the low 20s for the rest of the working week, before warming up to 26 and 31 for the weekend.