Adelaide Is Officially Suffering A Man Drought 

So thirsty.

Adelaide Is Officially Suffering A Man Drought 

If you’re a single pringle looking to mingle but have found yourself more frequently asking “where did all the men go?” you’re on to something. 

Turns out they are genuinely not there with researchers confirming that Adelaide is suffering from a big man drought. 

In Adelaide, there are 28,000 more women than men an imbalance that is mimicked throughout the rest of the country. In fact, the only place in Aus where men outnumber women is in the Northern Territory. 


Romantics needn’t pack their bags just yet though, turns out there are a few ‘hotspots’ around us where you’ll find more blokes than sheilas including Port Adelaide, Elizabeth, Whyalla, and Woomera. 

Social researcher Mark McCrindle told 7 News that the drought is particularly dry between the ages of 30-50 and have factors which have caused the drought include women outliving men, and men being more likely to jet-set overseas for work.