Adelaide CBD Noisy At Night

The Surprising Cause

Adelaide CBD Noisy At Night

You might think the City sleeps at night, but apparently ours doesn't.

A noise study has been done by the Environmental Protection Authority and found the loudest spot in Adelaide's CBD is King William Rd near Elder Park.

Six monitoring devices were setup at West Tce, North Tce, King William Rd, Rundle Rd, Hindmarsh Sqr and Victoria Sqr from mid 2015 for a year.

The quietest time is 2am when the noise drops to roughly the equivalent of the sound of a human voice. 

The quietest spot is Hindmarsh Square. 

Surprisingly, the noise on Friday and Saturday nights wasn't dramatically different to a Monday or Tuesday.

Traffic is being put down as the main cause, not events.

The quietest month was January and the loudest - February.

Port Adelaide is having noise testing conducted now.