A Warning For Young Women

Stranger Danger At Brighton

A Warning For Young Women

Well this is SCARY!

Port Elliot girl Aimee Hutchinson was going for a casual walk along The Esplanade at Brighton on Friday night when every parent's worst nightmare happened.

She was followed by a strange man.

'Basically I went for a walk by myself at night time, down at Brighton and I noticed a car driving past me really slowly' she said.

Luckily, she had her car doors locked so he wasn't able to get into the vehicle. 

But he tried.

'I looked to my side and he was standing right next to my door'.

Quick thinking Aimee took a snapchat of the man and has shared her story on Facebook to make sure other women and vulnerable people can protect themselves.

'Once he realised it was locked, he bobbed down and waved at me to try and get me to open the door'.

This comes as a big reminder to get in the habit of locking your car doors as soon as you get in.

See Aimee's post below.

Amos, Cat and Angus spoke exclusively to Aimee this morning.

Hear what she had to say -