A Koala Has Just Gone For A Shop At Dernancourt Coles

Welcome to Australia.

A Koala Has Just Gone For A Shop At Dernancourt Coles basje4 Instagram

In some good old Australian news, a koala has been snapped paying a visit to Dernancourt Coles, most likely picking up some groceries for the weekend.

Nicknamed ‘Caramello’ by the Coles staff (would have also excepted Blinky or Nutsy), the little native was discovered in the dairy section, most likely trying to decide on hummus or French onion dip. 


“No one saw it sneak in, but it was found in the dairy section,” Coles spokeswoman said.

“Our team made sure customers gave the koala plenty of space, and a customer contacted the local wildlife authority.”


The Koala decided to leave after about five to 10 minutes, with wildlife authorities assuring the little guy is doing just fine… He’s probably left after seeing how small Caramello Koalas are being made these days.


This news comes one week after the Art Gallery of South Australia had to close a major exhibition while staff tried to catch a bird

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