Take A Look Inside Adele's 'Titanic' Themed Birthday!

This looks AMAZING!

Take A Look Inside Adele's 'Titanic' Themed Birthday! Adele Instagram

It's been a massive few years for our favourite singer Adele and she agrees. The singer posted pics from her 30th birthday over the weekend and they are epic.

No, like really, they are of Titanic proportion.

The songstress had a party themed after her favourite movie and she went as, you guessed it, Kate Winslet's character Rose.

(*language warning - but come on, it's Adele)


We're all looking forward to AT LEAST another 30 years of music from our girl, even if she keeps saying she's retiring soon, lol. 

Adele also took a moment to thank Childish Gambino saying; "Childish Gambino how the hell do you have time to offer us so much greatness on so many platforms. I adore you x"