Sam Smith To Star In His Own Movie!

We cannot WAIT!

Sam Smith To Star In His Own Movie! Apple Music

On the 3rd November, we're not only getting Sam Smith's new album 'The Thrill Of It All'... BUT the angel voiced singer is blessing us with a MOVIE!

The film is a documentary of Sam's experience writing his latest album and in his words, the thing we're going to love most about it is the fact we get to see he's actually a happy person and doesn't spend his days lonely and crying lol!



We've seen just tidbits of Sam's personal life, in particular his new rumoured relationship with 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn - which we ship til the cows come home.

Sam also hinted in his interview with Julie Adenuga that when he takes on his special live stream on the album's release day... there will be a special GUEST! Ooooh!



Sam Smith On The Record drops on November 3rd on Apple Music and we cannot WAIT!