5 Old School Games We Forgot About!

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5 Old School Games We Forgot About!

Remember when Mum and Dad refused to buy you a Playstation or Nintendo 64. Those bastards. Luckily Microsoft 95 came to the rescue.

When I was about 12 I would spend hours playing Solitaire, or as my Nan would call it ‘Patience’. I remember as a teenager I decided to take things up a notch and select the ‘Draw Three Cards’ option. I was living life on the edge.

Minesweeper was a game I didn’t fully understand until I was an adult. I had no idea what the numbers meant and I thought it was just a game of chance. I would still spend ages trying to win, never did.

Here are some games from your childhood you probably totally forgot about, yet have fond memories of.

1. Solitaire

I still find this game exciting! I love the fact you can change the picture of the deck, I always had the robot!

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2. Pinball

The day I found out about this game was the day my life changed. Remember when the ball would get stuck, just banging about the board. I would watch with pure joy as my score grew higher and higher.

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3. Minesweeper

WTF was this? This game seemed so stupid. I didn’t understand the rules. The only thing I remember doing was being able to change the size of the board. Later in life I was shown how to actually play and my mind was blown.

Here is a run down of the game. Click on a mine and the game ends. Find an empty square and the game continues. If you click a square and there is a number, the number is how many mines lay hidden in the eight surrounding squares.

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4. Snake (on your Nokia)

This was why I failed school, I played Snake all the time on my Nokia 3310. I remember I threw my phone in anger when I almost beat my high score and it hit the concrete and…..

NOTHING HAPPENED, No damage! You could build homes for the poor with those things.

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5. Tetris (on your Gameboy)

Hum the theme! What a great theme song! Tetris will always go down as one of the greatest games of all time. They even used to play it on the Channel 7 kids game show A*mazing.

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Written by: @christianhull