These Tips Will Save You Big $$$ On Your Next Flight

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These Tips Will Save You Big $$$ On Your Next Flight

Want to get more travel for your dollar?

The Cheapflights Compass 2017 report has revealed some interesting tips.

Conducted by, this, the second annual Cheapflights Compass, analysed over 13.5 million searches – almost eight years’ collective search time per month (that’s two more years than in 2016 and a 42 per cent increase in total searches!) – to uncover how Aussies can save time and money when booking their next trip.

Here’s what they found:

- Don’t book last minute. Long gone are the days of cheap last-minute deals. In fact, if you leave it too late to book, expect to pay more. Booking within a week of departure could see you pay 13% more than the average fair on domestic flights, and 15% more on international flights.

- But don’t book to far in advance. Booking a domestic flight more than six months before departure can cost you an extra 20% and the same goes with booking an international flight 12 months or more in advance. The ideal time to book domestic and Asia Pacific flights is between one week to three months before departure, while three to six months in advance is recommended when booking long haul travel. 

-Travel on a Tuesday. It is by far the cheapest day to depart. And avoid flying on a Friday because it’s the most expensive departure day for both domestic and international flights.

- Avoid peak seasons. December is the most popular month to fly – and the most expensive. Prices for domestic flights are on average 33% higher than the cheapest month, which is February, while you could pay an average 50% more for an airfare to London in December. Other months to avoid travel include March and April (Easter school holidays) and June and July (school holidays, and peak summer season in the Northern Hemisphere).

-Map it out. Geography will always play a role in the price of fares – for instance, Perth is the cheapest departure point to Asia Pacific thanks to its closer proximity to the area, while it’s more affordable to fly to New Zealand from Australia’s east coast.

- Swap and save. Travelling to a different city within the same country can save you hundreds of dollars in fares. For instance, flying to Ho Chi Minh City instead of Hanoi in Vietnam can save you $132 on average.