These House Plants Are Perfect For People Who Always Kill Theirs

Don't have a green thumb?

These House Plants Are Perfect For People Who Always Kill Theirs

Want to turn your house into a plant-filled jungle oasis but kill every plant you touch?

It's not you, it's your plants!

These plants are perfect for indoors and are incredibly hardy - while being as Instagram-able as anything! 

Snake Plant

This is a perfect for socialites who are never home or maybe just don’t always remember to water their plants. It’s also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” 'cause it’s sharp, pointy and hard to kill!

They thrive in low-light environments so are perfect for a dark bedroom and grow quick enough that you’ll see some movement.

Be careful you don’t over- water and make sure the soil and pot drains well – if the soil is too moist the striking green shards will flop or feel mushy!


Monstera Deliciosa

Potentially the most Instagrammable plant on the list thanks to its unique leaves. Monstera is also known as a Fruit Salad Plant and grows HUGE if you let it.

While this little one is hardy it prefers warm indoor environments. It doesn’t like to be watered often - I find just once a fortnight is ideal but you might need to play around a little and change as the seasons change. 



ZZ Plant 

This is also known as a Zanzibar Gem and it’s hardy as hell. It doesn’t need much light or much water.

The leaves are dark green and naturally shiny - they almost look fake!

This plant has an underground tuber meaning it can be neglected for weeks and it’ll stay happy - even if you go on holiday for six weeks! Result!


Devil’s Ivy

This is the perfect plant to nestle on a shelf and forget about.

The long vines can grow meters long in the wild but they’ll look equally good casually tumbling down a bookcase. Like the rest of the plants on this list, this plant hates being soggy – so make sure your pot has drainage holes and don’t let it sit in water. If your leaves start to look more of a solid green - not 

Did we mention it's the leaves are just so darn pretty?