Outdoor Games All 80's Kids Will Remember Playing

Who played these?!

Outdoor Games All 80's Kids Will Remember Playing

Remember the days when kids weren't glued to an iPad and actually played games outdoors?! If you were lucky enough to play any of these... you had a pretty fun childhood!

Here are some outdoor games 80's kids will remember playing! 

Red Rover

Who could forget this backyard gem? Two teams line up opposite each other, holding hands to create a barrier. The first team agrees to call one player from the opposite team, and chants, "Red RoverRed Rover, I call over (player's name)!" That person then had to make a run for it, trying to get to the other line without getting caught by the human barrier. 

Marco Polo

Typically a game played in the pool. One player (with their eyes closed) would call out "Marco!" while the other player would say "Polo!" and then swim as fast as they could away from that location while being hunted by Marco. If Marco suspects Polo has jumped out of the pool, Marco can yell "Fish out of water!" and Polo loses a turn. 

Frozen Tag

A standard game of tiggie in a large group except if you are tagged, you have to remain frozen until the end of the game. If you move, you're it! 


What happened to a good old game of tennis?! This was the best game against siblings when holidaying as a kid! Who else pretended to be Anna Kournikova?!

Hide And Seek 

An absolute classic which speaks for itself. Can be played with as little as two people. One person must hide while the other counts to 10 (or more) and tries to find them!

Murder In The Dark 

Essentially 'Hide And Seek' but in the dark and famously played at night at a sleepover! The game would involve one 'murderer' who tries to find their victims hiding somewhere in the house in pitch dark! Can also work with a blind fold...but you had to be careful!

What's The Time, Mr Wolf?

This was a bit of a scary one! The game involves one 'wolf' who had their back facing a line up of other kids. The players would call out, 'What's The Time Mr Wolf?!', and whatever time the wolf declared, would indicate how many steps the players could take (3 O'clock= 3 steps). Mr Wolf can call out "Dinner time!"/"Lunch Time", when he can turn around and chase the other players back to their starting point. If Mr Wolf successfully tags a player, that player becomes the new Mr Wolf for the next round. If someone makes it to the other side before Mr Wolf tags them, the player remains a wolf. 

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