Here's Why Diets Don’t Work & What To Do Instead

The BUF girls chat to The Weight Psych!

Here's Why Diets Don’t Work & What To Do Instead

Calorie restriction, strict ‘good and bad’ food lists, points plans, prescribed meal plans, paleo and fasting. They’re all so tempting, they all work on a short-term basis, but are they really sustainable and is there a better way?

Research tell us that for most (actually, around 97%) of people, diets or strict food rules, deprivation and over-exercising do not work in the long-term.

A happy relationship with your food and a healthy approach to exercise will always result in a happier, healthier body that you get to keep forever, not just for a season!

But don’t take it from us - this week our fitness expert, Libby Babet from the BUF Girls sat down with her on-screen counterpart on The Biggest Loser: Transformed, The Weight Psych Glenn Mackintosh, for a chat about creating naturally healthy habits that last.

In this juicy 20-minute interview (you might want to take it with you for a few laps of the block at lunch time!), Libby and Glenn discuss:

Why dieting and depravation simply don't work long-term
Your brain’s natural response to dieting practices
The “Nike Swoosh” of weight loss/gain
If not dieting, then what?
The solution scientifically proven to work
Creating healthy habits that last
Practical ways to make your new habits stick
Where does exercise fit into the picture?


If you loved this chat and feel like you need a helping hand to take your own progress to the next level and step off the diet rollercoaster for good, try signing up for either Libby’s 6-week Totally BUF online program, or Glenn’s Naturally Healthy Habits online program, to finally eat well without trying, fall in love with exercise, learn to accept your body and free yourself from weight worries for good.