What I Learned From The Biggest Loser: Transformed Contestants

Fitness expert Libby Babet weighs in.

What I Learned From The Biggest Loser: Transformed Contestants

Image: Supplied

We loved watching The Biggest Loser: Transformed this year and with the $100k winner finally announced this week, we asked trainer on the show and Hit Network fitness expert, Libby Babet from the BUF Girls what lessons she learned from each of the contestants on the show.

Here’s what she shared… 

Lynton – The Biggest Loser: Transformed WINNER!

Don’t accept a life within bounds. Keep exploring and painting outside the lines until you’re really, truly living a full and adventurous existence!

Nikki – TOP 6

True confidence and personal happiness come from taking action, educating yourself and giving life your all. Dissatisfaction comes from inaction and stagnation

Lisa-Faye - TOP 6

The impact your actions and commitment have on others should never be underestimated

Sophia – TOP 6

Strong women are sexy AF!

Simon – TOP 6

The extra mile is rarely crowded and is often where you’ll find the sweetest rewards

Brett – TOP 6

Results don’t come easy, but fighting for them is the fun part


Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear


Giving more is a surefire way to get more


The most powerful change is created when you’re truly ready to embrace it


You don’t have to go it alone - accepting the support of those willing to give it can help you move forward from adversity, so you can pass it on to someone else in need down the track 


It’s never too late to start over!


Barriers exist to be scaled


Anger is never a primary emotion… but love sure is!


When it comes to choosing a side, the bright side is always a good choice


If you never ever go, you’ll never ever know…


Take personal responsibility for where you’re at. You are the one with the power to create your own destiny, and if you truly can’t change something? Don’t worry about it. Just keep moving forward.