WATCH: Paramedics Rush To Brendan Fevola As Radio Stunt Goes Wrong

WARNING: This video is not pretty

A stunt went horrifically wrong when FoxFM's Brendan Fevola tried an “Insane ++” hot sauce this morning.

Fev has been doing FEVuary for a month now – he’s been out and about helping listeners, doing things like filling in on darts and cricket training. Today, at Phil’s request, Fev tried a number of hot sauces to see which was the hottest.

But the stunt went pear-shaped when he had a full teaspoon of Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper sauce (with the rating Insane ++).

Fev vomited, his eyes went puffy, tongue swelled up, eyes watered and producers had to call an ambulance.

At the end of the show once he was cleared to resume broadcasting (with the medical advice of taking an antacid and haemorriod cream for when he goes to the toilet) he said it was the worst thing he’s ever done 

‘I’ve done a lot of bad things and I’ve drank and eaten eaten a lot of crap – esp over in the jungle…. That was worse,”.

He went on to explain it was worse than anything he has experienced on the footy field:

"I tore my groin off my whole leg, I’ve busted legs, knees, blown out ankles, lost teeth, broken fingers. That was literally the worst thing I’ve ever experienced."