This Workout Will Help You Achieve ALL Your Goals

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This Workout Will Help You Achieve ALL Your Goals

Workouts are way more motivating if you’re kicking serious goals along the way – and we don’t just mean body goals.

Giving your sessions fitness based goals means you’re more likely to push yourself physically as you strive to reach them. You’ll also improve your mental tenacity as you break down those barriers that may be holding you back. Fist pumps all ‘round!

We asked Leash, one of the trainers from our resident fitness experts, the BUF Girls to get you started with an epic goal-based session that will have you feeling fit, fierce and totally… sweaty ;)

Get ready… this will be a race against the clock to complete all exercises!

Here’s what you’ll do…

This is an EMOM workout, which stands for Every Minute On the Minute. You need to complete the goal repetitions for each exercise as quickly as you can. This means if it takes you 40 seconds to complete all the reps for exercise one, you get to rest for 20 seconds before starting the second exercise on the list when the clock ticks over.

Check out this Leah's video first to nail your moves…

  1. Star Jump to Drop Squat GOAL = 24 reps (of the combo)
  2. Burpee to 2 x Jump Lunges GOAL = 12 reps (of the combo)
  3. Lateral Ski Jumps GOAL = 32 reps
  4. 10 x High Knees + 1 x Tuck Jump GOAL = 8 reps (of the combo)
  5. Bound to Foot Tap to retreat GOAL = 12 reps (of the combo)

You can do this as a cheeky 5 minute goal-kicker workout OR repeat the entire 5 minute set another 2-3 times for a total 15-20 minute HIIT session.

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