How To Balance Your Hormones With Belinda Kirkpatrick

So important!

How To Balance Your Hormones With Belinda Kirkpatrick

Hormones are the chemical messengers that control how your body works, from your metabolism and immune system, to your menstrual cycle and fertility, so they’re pretty darn important, but so often out of balance in today’s hectic world!  

Our fitness experts, the BUF Girls invited integrative naturopath and nutritionist Belinda Kirkpatrick, who’s also the author of best selling health bible, Healthy Hormones, in for a chat with BUF’s resident health coach, Sian Johnson.

Bel’s book was a key resource for BUF founder and trainer from Channel 10’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Libby Babet when she was working on reestablishing a regular cycle and restoring her fertility, so this is one chat worth listening to!

In this 10-minute chat, the girls cover…

  • How Belinda became so passionate about helping women achieve healthy hormones
  • Some common myths about hormones
  • Why having irregular or painful periods is common, but not normal
  • Telltale signs you may be out of balance
  • Practical ways to achieve healthy hormones
  • The impact of stress and environment
  • Being smart with your approach to exercise 


Keen to get your hands on a copy of Bel’s book? Click here to check it out online, or find it in most good book stores.

You can also hang out with Bel online, find great recipes and ask all your burning questions in her new private Facebook group, just click here to join!