Here Are Two Really Quick And Healthy Lunch Options For Work


Here Are Two Really Quick And Healthy Lunch Options For Work

This time of year is always so busy and so social. Keep your lunch on point to slay your day and maintain a little balance, with energy boosting antioxidants from the right kind of plant foods, stress-busting healthy fats, and metabolism loving proteins.


Check out these two easy, healthy lunch ideas from our fitness experts the BUF Girls…


Ultimate Brain Boost Lunch

This isn’t exactly a recipe, it’s something even better – a recommendation from the world’s top experts on health and longevity on what exactly to eat for the ultimate brain boost!


All you have to do is fill your plate with three things: wild caught seafood, something dark green and leafy, plus some dark berries or other dark and antioxidant-rich food.


One of these would do the trick:

  • Salmon on a bed of spinach or mixed leaves, with a handful of blueberries for dessert
  • Sardines with chopped, steamed greens like broccoli, asparagus, kale, all drizzled with black tahini and a squeeze of lime juice
  • Or a vegan option; a scoop of BUF Girls Protein Powder, with a serve of supergreens containing quality algae like spirulina/chlorella (we love Good Green Stuff) and a handful of frozen berries. Blitz and enjoy!



Green, Lean, Plant & Protein Wraps

This lunch idea is SO easy, super yummy and the perfect light, healthy, yummy lunch for girls on the go.


All you need is:

  • Large leafed greens, like iceberg lettuce, or collard greens
  • Avocado (always avocado!)
  • Chopped mint, or spring onion, or herbs like oregano/chilli
  • Protein of choice – we love organic sliced chicken or turkey, but you can also use tuna, or leg NBVWDSumes, tempeh/tofu, or toasted grains/seeds like buckwheat, quinoa and sesame
  • Mustard (optional)


Now do this:

  • Wash and lay the greens flat
  • Slice or smoosh the avocado, place it in the centre of the leaf
  • Top with your protein of choice and herbs/flavours, plus the mustard
  • Roll the leaf up as if it was a bread wrap
  • Eat up!

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