BUF Girls Halloween Horrors Workout


BUF Girls Halloween Horrors Workout

Need a tough-talking workout to balance out this year’s Halloween celebrations? Check out this Halloween Horrors Workout from our resident fitness experts, the BUF Girls!

RUN (or cycle, or row, or skip!) FOR YOUR LIFE

  • Choose a cardio machine/exercise
  • Alternate between 30s easy pace and a 30s all-out SPRINT!
  • Continue for 8 minutes (a total of 8 rounds on each) 


Pick up a medicine ball and complete 20 repetitions of each of these moves, back-to-back without a break…

  • Squat to overhead ball throw/catch
  • Push-up with one hand on the medicine ball, one hand on the floor (10/ea side)
  • Russian twist with ball
  • Pumpkin slams (reach high overhead with the ball, slam it down on the ground, pick up and go again!)


  • Grab a pair of dumbbells (we suggest 5kg+) and complete the below…
  • 40 Lunge walks (hold dumbbells by your sides)
  • 20 Light/Fast Deadlifts
  • 10 Renegade rows (10/ea side)


Move fast, this is your speed and agility finisher!

  • 100 Skips (use skipping rope)
  • 50 Mountain climbers
  • 100 High knee runs
  • 50 Starjumps
  • 100 Shadow box punches
  • 50 Lateral ice-skaters
  • 100 Skips
  • 50 Bicycle crunches

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