8 Ways To Get Your Morning Buzz Without Coffee

Get high without the crash!

8 Ways To Get Your Morning Buzz Without Coffee

We love coffee, but when your intake creeps up from one to four per day, you know it’s time to check yourself before you turn into a stressed out mess!

Here are 8 alternatives that will still leave you feeling a little high, without the crash:

Matcha Green Tea

Try this superfood powder with hot water and a little almond milk and stevia to sweeten it up, or even in a smoothie – it’s delicious and does have a bit of caffeine, but also a decent dose of natural relaxant L-Theanine, so you score a cheeky lift in spirits, without the crash coffee often leaves behind. There’s another bonus too – it’s a potent fat burner! 

Bulletproof Hot Chocolate

You’ve heard of bulletproof coffee, but now the same brand has brought out a sugar-free hot chocolate powder reinforced with cacao butter for sustained energy and a mental boost.

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Mushroom Elixir Cordyceps mushroom is an adaptogen, not a stimulant, meaning it activates the body’s own energy production in the cells. This means you get a lift in energy levels that’s constant and enduring, for a balanced afternoon pick-me-up, no crash required.

Chai tea

The warming spices in chai combat fatigue, elevate mood and detoxify the body, and also help you overcome sugar cravings.

Yerba Mate

A South American tea packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Yerba Mate has a little caffeine but not as much as coffee, plus theobromine. These ingredients combine to give you a buzz, without the comedown.

Licorice tea

A drink that gives you a natural energy lift while reducing stress and anxiety levels at the same time, this one is a major winner for all the high achievers out there! It also has a sweet taste that kills sugar cravings.

Dandelion root tea

This one is totally caffeine-free and has a bitter taste similar to coffee. It’s super high in protein and boosts liver and kidney function to give you a lift.


Warning: this is a cold drink, not a hot one BUT the bubbles and probiotics it contains wake you up and get your digestive system moving, so it’s a total winner – just make sure you look for the low sugar versions.