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Teacher of the Year Nominations

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Jo Dixon

Jo is the most incredible teacher! She has the most outrageous, hilarious, wonderful and caring character that just draws the kids to her. She’s one of those teachers that has a story for EVERYTHING and there is no such thing as a dull moment in her classroom! Animated stories are always brought home, so we, the parents, hear about them too. The kids admire, respect her and the anticipation is high when the end of the year list comes out as to who will have her the following year.

Lynn Murfet

Lynn is definitely the only teacher who has gone above and beyond for her students during the lockdown. She called each individual student to check on and messages them ensuring she is keeping in contact with them all year. Lynn has put her students first, treating her students like her children and she definitely deserves a little recognition for all the hard work she puts into our classes setting her students up for their future employment.

Sally Doggett

Sally has gone above and beyond for her students this year! After covid struck she took it upon herself to keep in constant contact with her students and their parents to ease the home-schooling period. 

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Tradie of the Year Nominations

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Vincent Ponsonby

Vincent is passionate about being a carpenter and volunteers his time with family and friends helping them to complete their projects - saving them money. Selfless and such a happy and joyful person to be around!!

Ben Cole

Ben is the hardest working person and there are no “standard office hours” for him. He’s worked super hard before and even more when covid hit Tassie to do the best job he could do for anyone and everyone. He is also now putting on a new apprentice painter which will of course help get people back into work.

Bradley Webb

Bradley started his own business at the end of 2019 and has worked so hard with building his business in this crazy time in 2020. He deserves this award for all his dedication to his customers and workers for all the hours he puts in to make sure his work is up to the right standard.

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Healthcare Hero of the Year Nominations

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Nicole Miles

Nicole is a registered nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital in her spare time she likes to ran marathons. However this year due to covid, she actually ran a marathon in her backyard to raise funds for Foodbank Tasmania. She raised over $2600 in April this year by running 840 X 50m laps in her backyard! She was meant to do the Ross Marathon in the Midlands, which was cancelled due to covid.

Angela King

Angela goes above and beyond for the patients at Crotty Dental. She makes the patients feel very welcome in what can be a stressful environment at the dentist. Angela completed her dental assistant certificate in 1992 and brings to the practice over 25 years’ experience in the dental industry. She likes helping individuals to overcome their dental phobias and to achieve their personal goals. She says is an extremely rewarding aspect of working in the dental industry. 

Ian Gurner

Ian worked hard during the covid restrictions and lockdown, making sure all his staff still had jobs and an income. He would see patients from other practices when they had an emergency and their practice was closed/ He was happy pass on any information about that patient back to their own practice for treatment completed or required. He still now answers after hours calls and provides advice over the phone for no charge. He also will spend time on his weekend in at the practice providing treatment for patients.

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Little Legend of the Year Nominations

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Grace Wilson

Grace is a big hearted and brave girl who has decided to chop her super long hair into a bob to raise money at the age of 10. Grace has chosen to raise money for Ella James, a student from her school who is battling cancer for the 5th time and as a result she needs to relocate from her home town of Hobart to Melbourne with her family to undergo a trial treatment. Grace donated her lovely long hair to create a wig to Variety Tasmania. 

Campbell Remess

Campbell is a 16 year old Tasmanian teenager. At the age of nine, he wanted to gift presents at Christmas time to unwell children in his local hospital but was told it was too expensive. He then challenged himself to make a gift a day for a year to have 365 presents for children in hospital the following Christmas. Campbell is still actively making bears and shares his message for kindness across the globe. Earlier this year, Project 365 was awarded a $1500 grant from the MyState Community Foundation. Campbell also did a few bear-making lessons streamed on Facebook earlier this year whilst social distancing.

Neve Peatling

Neve at the age of 12 has just done the World’s Greatest Shave. She called her guide group to action and asked them to colour their hair and raise funds for blood cancer. The group raised over $4000 and Neve herself raised $3000. Neve also donated her lovely long locks to create a wig.

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Local Legend of the Year Nominations

Thanks to Zambrero Rosny

Mary Dickins

Mary is a foster carer and community champion. She is raising 5 boys and is heavily involved in the fostering community. She loves bringing people together and she runs a not for profit organisation called Fostering Hope to try and raise more awareness for kids in care. She often does food drives providing more to others and she deserves to be recognise as she is a huge inspiration. 

Kristy Leishman

Kristy is the manager at Clarendon Vale Neighborhood Centre (CVNC), instigated methods to bring the community together. She organised the delivery of Tuesday Meals to the Clarendon Vale Community and its surrounds and to deliver care packages as well as other items essential items according to the demand. They commenced delivering 80 meals to houses, care packages and bread bags with sweets and goodies. Kristy organised the staff and volunteers delegating them tasks appropriate to their skill sets. Delivering bags, meals, calling people and getting care packages out and raising the morale of our community during this difficult time. Going from a minimum of 16-hour day where Kristy showed  the  Community how to stick together as they went from preparing 80 meals to 350 at one stage. 

Aziz Elali

Aziz is a very selfless man who is always giving back to the community! He is forever donating money go help local communities, schools, fundraisers you name it he has never turned anyone local community down and forever asking what he can do to help. You will see contributions on his Pizzarazzi business page where he also gives back. He also started a pay it forward board at the start of corona which led to people struggling getting fed and putting a smile on people's faces. He is always giving and never asks nor expects anything in return anyone who knows him knows him as a selfless humble man. Aziz has helped so many people in the community through his business and his kindness, I have lost count of how many people he has helped including myself He donated over $1000 to the leukaemia foundation in support of a little boy who is currently battling blood cancer. 

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Unsung Hero of the Year Nominations

Susan Oakley

Susan runs her own business Evolve Fitness Australia. She rarely ever takes the time to think of herself and is always thinking ahead what is best for her customers and for her team. She spent hours on end during lockdown converting her garage into a studio to keep connected with every customer. At a time where everyone was so uncertain; Susan was there and is always there to be the certainty and brightness in the world. Her staff want to her from the bottom of all their hearts for being such a huge pillar of support for them. 

Scott Newman 

Scott has been working 3 jobs over the last 5 months, without taking a day off, he has been keeping busy with his full time job, his at home business making yummy jams and chutneys to being a disabilities support worker on his days off. All to make sure his family gets their dream home as they have outgrown theirs.

Mark Townsend

Mark hired new people during covid, keeping the business alive, ensuring everyone felt safe at work, or allowing people to take time off if they needed. He even put his own income on the line during covid to ensure everyone got paid.

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