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This is why you need to try a face peel

brighter-looking skin is IN!

This is why you need to try a face peel

You may have seen the term 'peel' on a beauty service menu and were too scared to try it. While the words 'face' and 'peel' may seem like a bit of a safety hazard when put together, it could not be further from the truth! A medi-aesthetic face peel is a technique used to improve the skins texture and tone. It's highly effective and does miracles to the skin. If you want to know why you should try a face peel, keep on reading! 

It will do wonders if done correctly

The last thing you want to do is purchase a skin peeling product for an at-home DIY. When it comes to face peels, booking in to a reputable skin clinic will ensure you will achieve fantastic results by a professional. Following a facial peel, it may mean your skin physically flakes for a few days - this is totally normal! But the aftermath of that means you will have brighter, glowing, smooth skin! 

It targets a range of skin issues

A medi-aesthetic peel treats acne, wrinkles caused by sun damage, ageing, it reduces fine lines, improves the appearance of mild scarring, reduces Melasma, Chloasma, age spots, freckles, dark patches, hormonal changes (such as pregnancy) and it can treat sun damaged skin. 

They are customised to your skin

You may be worried a face peel is a "one size fits all" treatment, meaning you might be concerned it might not work for your skin. The beauty about this treatment is it is totally customised for you. Your beauty therapist will know exactly what to use on your skin to make sure you are achieving beautiful results!

No makeup? No worries!

A face peel is oh-so-good to the point where you can rock the natural look with confidence! Forget the foundation, forget the concealer and the highlighter, your skin is bound to look healthy, radiant and as good as new after a medi-aesthetic peel!


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