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The Road Rules You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking On A Daily Basis

You won't use your horn the same again!

The Road Rules You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking On A Daily Basis

Every driver on our roads is meant to know the road rules - right?! It's a necessity when you go for your drivers test and eventually get your licence.

But do we know them all? There's obscure and slightly strange ones you've probably never learnt or would think exist. But chances are, we could all be breaking the law every time we get behind the wheel.

Are you breaking the law without knowing it?

We've teamed up with our friends at Action, Tyres & More to reveal the road rules you probably didn't know you were breaking:

Crack A Window

It's a hot Summers Day on the Gold Coast and you've left your car window cracked open slightly as you run to grab something from the shops. Right...? WRONG! In the Sunshine state of QLD it's actually a big no-no to have your window left open more than 5cm while it's in park. If you're caught, you'll be slapped with a $40 fine. 

Opt For A Quick Pick Up

Stopping within three metres of an Australia Post box to drop off a package is okay, as long as you take no longer than two minutes to do it. The same fine will apply if you are packed three metres of a fire hydrant.

A Stretchy Problem 

If we're on a long road trip, chances are you need to stretch your legs every now and again.  But if you don't keep both feet on the footrest, prepare for a fine of $100 up. 

Whatever you do, keep both feet on the footrest. 

Honk If Your... 

We're SUPPOSED to only use our horn to warn another car about a potential collision or to scare an animal off the road. But, if you're a regular peak hour commuter around the Goldie, you'll know that's often not the case. Saying goodbye or getting angry at someone by using your horn will land you a fine if you're caught. 

It's The Remix To Ignition

Picture this scenario: Your car is unlocked, key is in ignition and handbrake is off while you're standing three metres away from your car. Sounds about right, but its very wrong. So wrong in fact, that it will incur a fine this sounds like you.  

To The Left, To The Left

We are told to 'keep left' but you only need to do that unless overtaking another person when the speed limit is more than 80km/hr.

It's 'ruff' getting a fine.

This road safety update is thanks to Action Tyres & more.

For all of your mechanical and tyre needs see the guys at Action Tyres & More Price Street Southport.