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The paint colors you will see in every home in 2018

Time to get painting!

The paint colors you will see in every home in 2018

With 2018 fast approaching we're about to say 'see you later' to tropical green and warm neutral tones of 2017 and HELLO to minimalism and pastels. 

A fresh lick of paint can not only transfer a room, but can invigorate a new mood in your day to day life. It can also determine what furniture we buy, decor, right down to what scented candles compliment a space. 

Here are the top 5 trending colors to look out for in every home around the Gold Coast in 2018. 

1.  Green with envy


 Colors that derive from nature are making a big comeback in 2018 and we couldn't be happier! The rich tones of green is an easy way to make a space more nurturing and relaxing.

Throw it back with tones of terracotta, blue, yellow, orange and red and you've got yourself a tranquil hideaway. 

2.  The perfect shade of grey


The minimalist look is showing no signs of going anywhere, anytime soon.  Subtle pastel greys are beautifully paired with neutral pinks to create a soothing space. 

3. Earthy Terracotta tones 


2018 is about to take the outside, inside. The terracotta palette has often been seen on outside walls or color choice to give life to exposed brick, but not next year. With the rising trend of sustainability and organic food, we have seen our plants move inside taking with it the color trend of foliage and terracotta. 

4. Perfect in pink


Whether it's a pastel pink wall or a tiny side table, you need to get a little pink in your life in 2018. The feminine color can go a long way to add a little elegance to a room. It looks particularly WOW when paired with soft grey and bright whites. Not to mention, it's super fun. 

5. Back to black 


Let's get moody! When it comes to black, it can go horribly wrong or so, so right. This bold color represents a confident homeowner with style. 

Don't be scared of it's rich look, treat it as a base color and pair back with timbers, rose gold and white accents to lift the room. 


There's a lot to look forward to in 2018, but decorating the home has now topped the list. 

And remember, Undies go on before your pants – so..always prep before you paint. Inspirations Paint What’s your next project?