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The 5 most common dreams and what they REALLY mean

Sweet dreams...

The 5 most common dreams and what they REALLY mean

Even if we don't remember them when we wake up, fact of the matter is: We all dream. Every single night. For at least 90 minutes.

That's more than enough time for your mind to whip up one hell of a movie and often, leaving you very confused in the morning as what it all meant. 

Here are the 5 most common dreams and how they are interpreted. 

1. Being chased


This is one of the most commonly reported dreams. Often because it's the most vivid, making it easy to recall.

This dream is the reversal of what we are actually seeing. If you're being chased in the dream, you're often running from something in real life.  Is there something you aren't addressing? Does an issue need your attention? This dream is to encourage you to finally face a problem. 

2. Falling


Ever wake up with a jolt after falling from an unknown object? There are two types of falling: Scary and peaceful. 
The peaceful floating fall could suggest you're in a stage of letting go. Whereas, falling from a scary height could mean you are out of control of something happening in your life. 

3. Baby


When dreaming of giving birth or a baby it can suggest something new is on the horizon. Whether it's a fresh idea, a creative project or becoming a parent, this dream represents a need to start something new. 


4. Flying


Flying in a dream, and how effectively or poorly it’s done, relates to how much control we feel we have in our lives.  Flying high above the world is an amazing feeling and encourages you to allow things to "fall into place naturally". Skimming low to the ground, it can mean there is an out of control situation in your life causing you frustration. 


5. Teeth falling out 


This dream could be a sign that something is happening in your life that has caused you to lose confidence. It reflects your anxiety about your appearance and how others see you. Your teeth are an important ego boost in the art of flirtation and kissing, so such dreams could stem from a fear of rejection or now feeling sexual. 

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