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How to make paint colours that never usually work look FAB in any room

Make weird the new black

How to make paint colours that never usually work look FAB in any room

Gone are the days of beige and egg shell being the only option to splash a bit of life into a space. 

We're in an era of experimentation with our decorating projects now introducing bright and bold colours to create different moods to every room. 


 Some of these interesting paint choices can be scary. They can go horribly wrong, or amazingly right, with the smallest of adjustments.

Here's how to nail the colours and shades every time that can often look like a DIY disaster. 

Back to Black

With a growing trend for monochrome, many home decorators are choosing to go back to black. While the choice is daring, it can either look like "WOW I love what you've done with the place", or, "I think you've taken the man CAVE idea too literally".

With dark tones, you need to work with the space. As the old saying goes, light colours will expand a space, dark ones will contract it — so make sure you're only choosing black if it aligns with your overall goal. 

If you're still going strong (good on you), add rose gold and white accents to lift the room. 

Deep Green

There's something about the earthy green tones that make you want to swap city life for country living and bake homemade banana bread all day. Just me? 

Deep green is making a serious comeback in 2018, and rightly so. It makes a space more warming and relaxing.

But to ensure it turns into your tranquil hideaway and not an unruly jungle, pair the color back with terracotta, blue, yellow, orange and red and a whole lotta plants! 


Wallpaper became a huge fad in the 70's and 80's and in recent years we've seen it slowly crept back into our living room and bedrooms.

As we move the trend into the modern home, make sure you leave behind the bright colours and geometric styles of 1971 and think more contemporary with simple pattern. 

It no longer has to be a full wall either, you can choose to cover half the wall (either top of bottom half), or even just the inside of a bookcase, to not overwhelm visitors. 

Brown-eyed girl

Brown is a hop, skip and a jump away from beige, but unlike it's creamy friend, it can look rather drab if done wrong.

Rule of thumb: Brown needs a simple friend. Opt for a nice white either on the door, window or even the floor with white for the furniture and decorations. 

If you're a bit more wild, add a bold blue or turquoise to the mix. 

So run wild, paint the town red you domestic goddess! 


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And remember, Undies go on before your pants – so..always prep before you paint. Inspirations Paint What’s your next project?