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How to get your foot in the door in the Gold Coast movie industry

So many ops in 2018!

How to get your foot in the door in the Gold Coast movie industry

We've already seen the likes, Thor: Ragnarok, Aquaman and Pirates of the Caribbean filmed in our backyard, and it's becoming apparent, that this is just the beginning for Hollywood on the Gold Coast. 

Village Roadshow studios in Oxenford has been a bustling studio over the past few years, and is leasing its star power to the Commonwealth Games at the start of this year.

But after the dust has settled from the Games, Marvel Studios is moving back in, with talks of another Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange and Spiderman sequels to be filmed here. 

If you're a budding film maker, producer, script writer or actor, here's how best to get your foot in the door, in a local movie industry that is thriving! 

1. Class time 


Learn as much as you can! Enrol in classes, short courses, long courses - the works. This isn't just for the knowledge, but for the connections.

New York Film Academy Australia on the Gold Coast has a wide range of solid courses appealing to all sorts of creative film types. Their database of teachers in the "know" will also help you instantly meet those that could help you get further in your career.  

2. Volunteer


Nothing comes for FREE in this industry - except maybe, your services! You won't have to volunteer forever, but to crack the industry, be prepared to work your little butt off.

Do some research, find the right people and let them know you're keen to get hands-on experience on the ground with them (even if that means doing coffee runs).

A good start, is heading to the Village Roadshow website to get in touch! 

3. Get yourself on databases


If you're not out there to be seen, then no one will know your name.

Get yourself an agent so someone is always out there representing YOU, sign up to job sites like StarNow, and get yourself out there! 

4. Network


As the old saying goes, it's not what you know it's who you know. 

You'll probably hear a lot of people who got a start in the industry say, "I met this guy, through a friend of a friend" - and the rest is history.

Tell your dreams to the world and chances are, someone will eventually know someone else with the same dream.  

Once you're in, you're networking will only grow and grow and grow and....

To ensure you kick start your career in the best way possible sign up to study at New York Film Academy Australia today.