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Best paint colours to boost the profit of your home

Show me the money!

Best paint colours to boost the profit of your home

As tempting as it is to splash a tad of rainbow around the house, their often not the colours that will get you the greatest return in the long run. 

It's the well-known golden rule to do a fresh coat of paint before it's time to go under the hammer, but many people seriously underestimate its value.

Colour is powerful tool to help buyers envision their future home. It is also crucial to choose the correct paint colour with certain rooms to ensure you are going to attract the most buyers as possible. 

Grey or Blue front door

The front door of a home should be referred to as the "Director of first and last impressions. It's the way you enter and exit the property, which is a crucial time to leave an impression on a buyer.

Any shade of grey or blue will do the trick! 

Grey home exterior

Instead of using a white exterior, opt for a light or dark grey. This shade screams "I'm home" giving a sophistication and universal look that will appeal to most buyers.

Blue kitchen

Blue is the most appetising colour for any kitchen space.

Pair back with crisp white, soft yellow and grey will have any buyer drooling over your property.

Beige Living Room

When deciding the colour of your living room, keep it beige, or in the beige family. 

The colour is inviting, homely and makes you want to cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie on a Sunday. 

Trends change, but these colours are a safe bet when decorating your home in 2018. But remember, certain colours can put off buyers, especially darker colours - so keep it simple. 

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And remember, undies go on before your pants – so..always prep before you paint. Inspirations Paint What’s your next project?