Fifi, Fev & Nick's Secret Sausage

Thanks to Tasman Butchers

 Competition heading image for Fifi, Fev & Nick's Secret Sausage

Psstttt come over here... we've got a secret that could score you $10,000 cash.

Introducing Fifi, Fev & Nick's Secret Sausage!

Together with Tasman Butchers Fifi, Fev & Nick have created their very own sausage, available exclusively in Tasman stores across Melbourne. 

How do you enter? Head into your local Tasman Butchers now and purchase Fifi, Fev & Nick's Secret Sausage... then throw those snags on the BBQ and host your own tasting party. 

We want you to identify 5 secret ingredients... once you know them register your details below and wait for Fifi, Fev & Nick to call you back! 

It's that simple... So come on let's put those taste buds to work Melbourne!

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